International moving company: I Love Moving

international moving companiesInternational moving can be really stressful without help from a moving expert. I Love Moving is company that offers international moving expertise. We do everything from packing, shipping internationally by air to working with ocean freight. When you first visit the site you will be directed to filling out a simple form with your name and contact information. You will be asked where you want things moved to and from and how much freight you will need moved.

We offer free moving tips and a free estimate right at the beginning. That way if you don’t know for sure if you will be using their services you can get a rough estimate and take it from there.  I Love Moving will also give you guidelines for the move so that way you will know what to expect.

There is also a place on the site where you can give us your information and we will give you updates on your shipping status. That way you will know when and where your packing details are. Upon knowing your estimated moving date you can give them a call and get a free-in-home friendly consultation.

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