Moving to Madrid: Tips and Advice

moving to MadridMoving to Madrid from the United States can be quite an exciting experience. Of course, there are also many differences between the two locations that you should be aware of before making the big move. Here are a few to take note of:

Acquiring a visa is your first step before moving. You may qualify to sign up for a visa online. It is likely that you will be called in for an interview at the nearest embassy before you are cleared to move.

Currency exchange is best performed as soon as you arrive in Spain. You should also find a bank that you trust to work with you. There are many branches in Madrid that will help you with the exchange of currency.

Finding an apartment in Madrid is much easier with the Internet. You will find a wide variety of flats, houses and shared living situations.

In order to find a job in Spain many expats sign up with an employment agency. It is also possible to make a living as a freelancer in Madrid.

Cultural differences between Madrid and the US are numerous. You must learn to enjoy local food, like tapas and paella. Some businesses keep much later hours than American businesses, which may require some adjustment. Nightlife and dining are common avenues of entertainment in the city. In order to get along with locals and blend in, you need to learn to walk the walk.

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