Moving to Seoul: Tips and Advice

moving to SeoulMoving to Seoul is an exciting opportunity to explore Korea! When moving to Seoul, keep a few different things in mind. For one, things are much different. They speak an entirely different language with different customs. Secondly, all of the products are NOT the same. Stock up on the things you know you will need and not be able to get easily in Seoul. For example, sizes are extremely different, so make sure (especially if you’re larger or taller) that you have a couple extra pairs of the essentials before you make the big leap. Also get the medicines and blankets you’ll know you’ll need. In Seoul, the blankets have a liner that do not come off, so if you don’t prefer that, bring your own!

Housing is expensive, but taxes are low, and so is the cost of commute and medicine. In certain ares, the landlords are easy to deal with and very accommodating, if you plan to rent. Also, remember your manners. You are in a completely different culture. There are major cultural difference to be aware of. Always address everyone respectfully; you’re on their turf. Do not try to pay for your meal if you dine out with others and you happen to not be the eldest one. Be respectful at all times and do not attempt to tip. It is a high insult.
These are only a few of the things to keep in mind when you come to Seoul. There are many more but this is a good foundation to begin with. Happy travels!

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