Moving to Melbourne: Tips and Advice

Having to move from one country to another can be both a difficult and enlightening experience. Leaving the United States to live in another country such as Melbourne, Australia would definitely count as this.

Before moving to another country, the first thing that should be done is confirming that passports and travel visas are acquired. For someone moving from the United States, a travel visa is not a requirement however one may be required by the country someone would be traveling to. It’s best to research this ahead of time for the sake of being prepared. It’s also important to enact a currency exchange when moving to Australia, since the currency there is the Australian dollar. Exchanges can be done in banks and international airports.

Learning about cultures and trying to get along with locals is another good idea for those who wish to move abroad to Melbourne. For instance, people in Melbourne are incredibly fond of Australian football to the point where they pay more attention to sports than to church. Another thing to know is that most people tend to love performing and visual arts and have their own celebrations, such as the Food and Wine Festival.

Living in Melbourne is not so different from the United States, in that simply searching online for an apartment, as well as a job offer will be more than sufficient. The cost of renting and leasing is cheaper in Melbourne, however.

In conclusion, moving overseas can be a life changing experience.

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