Moving to Barcelona: Why do it?

Barcelona is a diverse, cosmopolitan city with all the offerings of a major metropolis and the old world appeal of an ancient city.  Modern architecture by the likes of Gaudi, Frank Gehry, and Mies Van Der Roe, stand in contrast to Gothic cathedrals of old.  There are many reasons one would want to move to Barcelona, allow me to elaborate on a few.

First and foremost is food.  Businesses literally shut down for in the middle of the day to enjoy a luxurious two hour lunch.  You will find many entrees centered around fresh seafood from the Mediterranean Sea in the form of stew, soups, tapas, and the world-famous, signature dish Paella.  When walking around Barcelona, you will undoubtedly encounter pastry shops where you can enjoy cream puffs, palmiers, croissants, and crispy wafers dipped in honey and sprinkled with pine nuts.  Specialty chocolate shops serving chocolate bon-bons, churros con chocolat are also easy to find, but be sure to check out the one-hundred year old, award winning pastry shop Antoni Escriba, who is known as the Mozart of Chocolate.

Would you care for something to drink with all that deliciousness?  Try a signature coffee from one of Barcelona’s many cafes, and get ready to taste something mellow and slightly sweet.  If coffee isn’t your thing, then try a Spanish wine or Cava (champagne).  You can find a great bottle of wine for less than $10, and often a glass of wine or beer is cheaper than a soda or even a bottle of water.  Sangria is readily available in grocery stores in easy, ready to drink juice boxes!

Barcelona is alive with the arts and culture.  There are tons of great restaurants, fabulous nightclubs, and always live music.  Sardana dancing can be seen on the weekends in front of the cathedral and city hall.

As you can see, Barcelona has something to offer everyone and should not be overlooked. When considering moving to Barcelona you are going to want to get in touch with an international moving company, most especially if you have things that you want to bring along. I Love Moving is the number one international moving company from the United States to Barcelona.

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