International Moving Tips: Moving to United Kingdom

Before moving to the United Kingdom each person must have a passport with a recent picture and a visa, and entry clearance. There are different types of visas, so it is very important to get the right one. Documents that are needed are your birth certificate, financial records and a letter from a sponsor who is already established in the United Kingdom. If you have been married and divorced several times documents will be needed to show the dates of each divorce and marriage. See your primary doctor about any medication and be up to date with hepatitis shots and shots for rabies. This should be done a few weeks before your departure date.

Items that cannot be taken from one country to another are animals that are endangered, certain foods should not be transported due to the possibility of transmitting insects that could be harmful to people and nature. Alcoholic beverage have to be a certain amount and under a certain price and if over the legal amount must be declared.

There are many rules when bringing a pet into the United Kingdom. They have to be followed exactly as they are listed. Just like with people your pet has to have the right shots and the correct papers. Despite following all of the rules your pet will still have to be quarantined for at least six months. People travel to the United Kingdom every day and many have no problems at all because they follow the rules.

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