Moving To Sydney, Australia

International Moving Company SydneyMoving to Sydney, Australia is a great decision, in my opinion. Anyone moving to Sydney will find a vibrant, modern city, full of things to see and do.

Nicknamed the Harbor City, Sydney is one of the world’s most livable cities.  Renowned for its rich history, vibrant art and fashion scene, lush nature, delicious cuisine, and wealth of social services, it’s no doubt that Sydney finds itself with a very high quality of life.  Sydney features two of the most iconic buildings on Earth, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

The city itself is surrounded by national parks and the coastal region is a natural harbor with beautiful beaches.  Because of the history of Australia is an immigrant country and its world reputation for a high standard of living Sydney is an international city, with over a third of its population born overseas.  Sydney is also the financial and economic center of Australia, putting it in a substantial world power position.

Sydney features many fine art galleries and museums, along with hosting Australia’s largest festival, the Sydney Festival.  The festival showcases an burlesque circus, music shows, art exhibitions, theater, contemporary dance, and indigenous art demonstrations.  With over 300 performances and 100 events performed by over 1000 artists, the Sydney festival is truly something to behold.  In addition to the Sydney Festival, the city also hosts an extraordinary Mardi Gras celebration on the first weekend of March, hosted by Sydney’s vibrant gay and lesbian community.

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