Moving Tips: Moving to Taiwan

If you are planning on moving to Taiwan in the future, you will be interested in reading about how to plan for this trip. Since you will be moving to another country, it can take some substantial planning to ensure it goes well. Citizens of the United States will need to plan to obtain a visa and other travel documents before they go.

When you apply for a visa to enter Taiwan, you should realize that it can take some time to approve. You will want to apply well in advance, since they may need to ask for revisions or additional documents. If you can get support from a local employer, the process may run much more smoothly for you. This can also help you find a way to become a permanent citizen in the country.

There are other considerations you should think about before you commit to living in Taiwan. The capital and largest city is Taipei, so you might want to consider staying there when you first arrive. Most people on the island will speak standard Chinese as their native language. Try to learn a few phrases and begin picking up more as you live on the island for a longer period of time.

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