Moving to Australia: How to Take Your Pets

Moving to Australia does not mean you have to leave your four-legged, furry best friend behind. I Love Moving’s experts can advise you on how to take man’s best friends with you when moving to Australia.

Moving to Australia how to Take Your Pets

Generally speaking, cats, dogs and even horses can be brought into Australia. However, there are some animals that are prohibited including, but not limited to ferrets, birds and hamsters. In addition, some breeds are banned, so you will need to make sure that your pet is eligible to come into the country. I Love Moving can help you navigate through the all of the rules and regulations required for this relocation.

Before moving to Australia, make sure you have the necessary paperwork completed including an import permit, microchip and any required vaccinations or blood work. In addition, you will need to make accommodations for quarantine upon arrival in Australia and will be responsible for any fees associated with your pet’s stay at one of these stations.

I Love Moving also provide door-to-door service taking care of all your international moving needs for your move to Australia. By using this service, we handle all of the steps involved, providing you with a hassle-free international move. Our international moving company can also provide free boxes, prepare your luggage for air freight or work with you on any other shipping requirements, making us a one-stop shop for your international moving needs.

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