10 Ways International Storage Facilities Keep Goods Safe

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When using an International Storage Facility, it is important to know that goods and belongings are safe there, not just from theft, but from a multitude of other threats ranging from natural disasters to misplacement. Here are ten ways goods are protected during storage:

1. Storage Facility Security Systems

While individual systems vary from one facility to another, these systems are a great first defense against trespass and theft and have become quite sophisticated in recent years.

2. Security Personnel

Despite society’s increasing reliance on automated systems, many international storage facilities still maintain a security staff onsite. They can make judgement calls that a security system cannot.

3. Computerized Tracking

To keep items from being temporarily misplaced or lost, computer tracking systems utilize a variety of methods to make certain everything is where it needs to be. Like security systems, these have become very advanced, thanks to Smart Phones with scanning apps.

4. Signature and Identification Checks

A fail-safe for the computerized system and an added layer of security, making certain that all who access storage units present appropriate identification and sign for all items leaving the facility is just common sense security at its most basic.

5. Prohibiting Dangerous Items

In order to prevent fires, explosions or contamination, International Storage Facilities will not store potentially dangerous or toxic materials. This is good news for everyone as it reduces the likelihood of catastrophic loss.

6. Employee Background Checks

Prior to hiring employees, they are subject to a criminal background check. Facilities generally do not hire those with a history of theft or crimes of a similar nature due to the overall high rate of recidivism.

7. Professionalism

In a similar vein, hiring and retaining only those who have a good employment record and genuine professional conduct on the job adds to the overall security and safety of any facility.

8. Positive Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies

In the rare cases when an International Storage Facility must engage with law enforcement personnel, it is of the utmost importance to cooperate and to act in accordance with the law of the land.

9. Experience

A facility that has been in business for a while generally knows how best to manage their security operations. They have already learned and adapted through years of trial and error.

10. Insurance

The last resort in terms of security, it is important that International Storage Facilities are insured against loss, just in case the unthinkable happens.

These factors should provide general guidance in terms of what to look for in a secure International Storage Facility.

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