5 Steps to Moving House Plants Overseas

Gardeners love their plants almost as much as they love their kids. Whether you have one plant or dozens of house plants that have a special meaning to you, you might want to take those plants with you when you move overseas. While this might sound like an easy task, you might find that you cannot take your plants with you.

1. Check with the U.S. Department of Agriculture

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has certain restrictions in place that impact whether you can move your plants. For example, those moving to and from California cannot bring plants into the state or transport those plants out of the state. Introducing new plants to an ecosystem can damage that environment. You’ll need to make sure that the law allows you to move your plants.

2. Look for a Company with Liability Insurance

Whether you choose International Sea Freight or International Air Freight, look for a company that offers liability insurance. Though you need to pay extra for this fee, it can help you in the long run. While many companies offer shipping containers, extra security and other great features, not all companies offer liability insurance. If your plants die during transport, the company agrees to replace those plants.

3. Prepare the Plants

SpiderPlantMoving long distance is extremely stressful for house plants. Before you move, you need to prepare your plants. Many types of plants can go seven days or longer without water, but you’ll want to move those plants into a plastic or disposable container for shipping. Wrapping the roots of the plant with wet paper towels and plastic wrap can also keep those plants alive.

4.Take Cuttings

If you can’t find an overseas shipping company that will ship your plants, we recommend that you take cuttings. You can plant those flowers and plants in a new container when you finish your move, and you can give the thriving plants to a loved one. You can also take a few flowers and leaves and dry them as reminders of your plants.

5. Ask Questions

We suggest that when you move overseas, you always talk to your movers. While many companies won’t ship house plants, you can find some companies that offer this option. Keep in mind that many types of plants aren’t strong enough to survive a long move or even the climate of a new area. We’ll walk you through the process of shipping everything you own and answer any questions you might have.

Moving household plants can be just ask difficult as moving a heavy piece of furniture overseas. Contact the staff at I Love Moving for some options and estimates when transporting your plant overseas. There’s a series of steps that you can take to safely ship your adored plants. Don’t toss out the idea of bringing your flowers or vegetable plants with you. Let our movers help you out.


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