How Long Does It Take an International Mover to Pack Up My Household?

Prepping for an international move can be hard work. From obtaining a visa to learning a new language, there is not a lot of free time for you to handle other details associated with your move. When you allow professional international movers to handle your move, you save yourself countless hours that can go toward the other tasks that you need to complete. A reliable professional moving company will get the job done quickly, and they will get your overseas relocation off to a good start.

Setting Aside Time for the Moving Company

AlarmClockWhen it comes time to packing your house, the moving company will send a crew to your home a day or two ahead of time to get a feel for the job. This inspection will give your international movers a chance to see the high-end or large items that you own, and it will also allow them to determine how many people are needed for the job. On average, a qualified international moving company can move all of the goods out of an apartment in a few hours. It may take a couple of days for the movers to pack all of the furniture, clothing and more from a large house into specially-designed, custom crates.

Protecting Your Belongings

While professional movers may be able to get your goods packed quickly, they never cut corners to get the job done fast. Protecting your goods is the number one goal for the moving company, and the movers prepare your belongings with the utmost care. From extra packing paper to custom boxes that are designed to protect your valuable items, the safety and reliability that comes from choosing an international moving company is second to none. Once the movers are done at your home, they will carefully transport your shipping containers to the port for shipment via international sea freight or international air freight.

A Few Hours Make All the Difference

Unless you want to spend days and weeks packing your home and getting it ready for shipment, you need to turn to international movers for all of your needs. They will inventory all of your personal possessions, and they will deliver them to your international location quickly. Once there, they will take another day or two to unpack your home and set the belongings up in your new, overseas location.

I Love Moving will go over every step of your move with you. We’ll also make sure to give you a schedule of our work from packing to loading to shipping your items. Contact us for a free estimate today!

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