moving to israelWhat To Expect When International Moving to Israel

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Israel is a country deep in tradition, and is consequently a religious center for the world.  The official languages of Israel are Hebrew, though English is spoken.  It would be wise to know some conversational Hebrew in order to acclimate quicker.

The industrial and financial center of Israel is Tel Aviv, though the capital and most populous city is Jerusalem.  The government has promoted the agriculture industry in recent decades, allowing for Israel to become nearly self-sufficient.  Israel is a leading country for solar power and patent development.

Geographically speaking, Israel has a very diverse landscape for its small size.  It borders the Dead Sea, which is at Earth’s lowest land elevation. Rain in Israel is rare from May to September, though the coastal areas can have a pleasant Mediterranean climate feature cool winters and hot summers.

Being one of the smallest countries in the world, with population of over 7 Million residents, Israel have known many conflicts for the land. It is the home of the Jewish. It was founded right after world war 2 in 1948.

Obtaining a Visa can be a long, drawn out process so be sure to talk to your local Israeli Consulate as soon as possible so you don’t have to worry about missing your international moving to Israel deadline!  Your I Love Moving international relocation specialist can help you with this process.

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