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What Should You Expect When International Moving to Venezuela

Before international moving to Venezuela, you’ll probably want to learn a little more about the overseas location you will soon call home. Venezuela, located on the northern coast of South America, consists of a mainland on the continent of South America and a number of small islands. Venezuela is known all over the world for its petroleum industry.

The cities in the northern portion of Venezuela are densely populated. In addition to oil, Venezuela exports steel, automobiles, aluminum, steel and several other commodities. If you’re moving to Venezuela, it’s important to note that approximately 60% of all food in Venezuela is imported, however, Venezuela exports rice, fish, coffee, fruit, rice, pork and beef. Because Venezuela consists of both rainforests and mangrove forests, there is an amazing variety of both plant and animal life.

The capital of this country is Caracas, which also happens to be the country’s largest city; it is very densely populated and has a tropical climate, so if you don’t mind the heat and would prefer a more urban city to live in when moving to Venezuela, Caracas is the place to go! The official language is Spanish and it is definitely a good idea to brush up on your Spanish or begin to learn it prior to international moving to Venezuela to make your transition into the community a bit smoother.

The currency used is the Bolivar Fuerte (VEF). Also, I Love Moving suggests contacting your local Venezuelan Consulate to discuss whether or not it will be necessary for you to apply for a visa. Make sure you do this a decent amount of time in advance as processing your visa can take a substantial amount of time.

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